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What is hair transplant

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Hair transplant; It is the transplantation of the follicles, which are resistant to baldness, from the chest, leg-arm, genitalia, and especially the back of the head, namely the nape area between the two ears, to the spilled area.
The history of hair transplantation dates back to the 19th century and has been revised until today. While hair transplantation was first performed with the Fut technique in the 1980s, after 1988, the Fue system was switched to the 1 mm punch technique in Japan. But its development was only in 2002. With the demand for hair transplantation, it has rapidly spread around the world.
In today’s preferred hair transplant techniques, hair follicles are taken from the nape of the neck that is not affected by the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone. Other regions are not preferred unless needed. According to the roots taken from the nape, especially the roots taken from the beard and breasts, the probability of retention after transplantation has been determined as 70%.
As a result of detailed information before the hair transplant operation and getting patient information correctly, no side effects are seen during the operation or at the end of the operation. The patient’s vital signs, whether he has any illnesses or drugs should be asked before the operation and the operation should be planned accordingly.
As Clinic Royale, we talk with all our patients individually and make a personalized operation plan. In addition to performing this operation for aesthetic purposes, we are aware that it is a serious operation and we aim to make our patients transparent and sensitive to us.
Hair transplantation has been developed and divided into various techniques with the demand of today’s conditions. As the main operation is the same, it differs from the transplantation part. Hair transplant techniques are as follows;

1- Classic Fue Hair Transplant
2- Sapphire Fue Hair Transplantation
3- Hair Transplant with DHI Technique
4- Beard-Mustache Transplantation
5- Eyebrow-Eyelash Transplantation
6- Hair Transplantation in Women
7- Unshaved Hair Transplantation
8- Sedation Hair Transplant
9- PRP Supported Hair Transplantation
10- Selenium Hair Transplantation
11- ICE Grafts Hair Transplantation
12- PRP-Mesotherapy Treatment

The 7-Step Hair Transplant operation process is as follows;

1. Consultation: It is the operation plan and the preparation of a new personalized hairline.
2. Pre-Operation Preparation: It is to check the vital signs (sugar and blood pressure values) of the patient on the day of the operation.
3. Acquisition (FUE Process): It is the determination of the healthy roots between the two ears of the person and the collection and collection one by one with the help of a micro motor.
4. Channel Opening: With the determination of the hair transplantation line, planning the area to be transplanted and opening the channels with a 45 degree angle.
5. Sowing Process: It is the transplantation of hair follicles one by one at the appropriate angle to the transplantation area.

6. Post-Operation Procedures: It includes dressing only the nape of the neck after the operation and PRP treatment, which will enable faster recovery of the transplantation area. At the end of the operation, the patient is told about the elements that should be paid attention to in detail.

7. Post-Operation Hair Washing Procedure: The washing procedure, which will be done 2 days after the operation day, is carried out with the special shampoo given by our clinic. The planted area should be washed every day for an average of 7-12 days.

Considering that hair transplantation is an operation, care should be taken to ensure that it is in safe and sterile conditions. The procedure to be done is an irreversible transport that you will use for a lifetime. Personal planning is the most important element of the natural appearance of hair transplantation.
As the Clinic Royale family, our expert staff and friendly team have been serving for years of patient satisfaction and the most natural results.