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Selenium Hair Transplant

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With the selenium hair transplant method, the results are stronger and healthier.
Selenium hair transplantation, which emerged as a new method in hair transplantation with the advancement of technology and research, reveals its difference in results. With Selenium in the vitamin tablets we give to our patients after the operation, the roots taken during the operation are kept in Selenium solutions.
Although the operation process is the same, the grafts taken from the healthy donor area are kept in the Selenium solution until the time of planting. Selenium, known as a vitamin, has no side effects and has many advantages.
The grafts that are kept in the vitamin bed are less damaged until the time of planting and become stronger during the waiting period. The roots that receive Selenium supplements during the planting phase are kept faster in the new planting areas and give healthier results.
As Clinic Royale, we take advantage of the advantages of the selenium hair transplantation method, and we carefully follow the latest technologies. You can discuss the most suitable treatment program for you with your healthcare clients and ask all your questions.