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Smile design is of great importance in terms of dental and oral care and is among the aesthetic procedures that have become more popular in recent times. Oral and dental health is an important factor affecting both personal and social life of individuals.

While decayed and neglected teeth affect negatively, clean and aesthetic teeth affect positively. In addition to healthy teeth, disorders and diseases that occur in the gums also cause the person to be adversely affected.

Therefore, oral care and treatment should be done regularly. Thanks to the developing technology, you can have aesthetic and healthy teeth with the smile design we offer in our clinic. By putting an end to hiding your laughter because of your teeth, you can display your most natural smile wherever you want.

Thanks to our specialist physicians, the disorders in your teeth are determined and the necessary treatments are applied. If you are in favor of having a natural and beautiful smile, you can contact our clinic.

What is Smile Design?

Smile design, which is included in dental aesthetics, is the process of correcting aesthetically bad teeth and mouth structure. We offer the best quality service for you in our clinic. We ensure that your teeth and gums have a healthy structure.

You will also like your smiles with the design process we carry out quite naturally. In the smile design, where many processes are applied together, our lamination process is at the forefront. Keeping the teeth aligned and sparkling is among the situations that make the smile the most natural.

With the treatment plan we have prepared specifically for our patients, we make the design that best suits their faces. You can also come to our clinic to have the procedures best suited to your face.

We offer services by considering the gender, age, face shape and wishes of our patients. When you start to develop cavities on your teeth, you should care about getting treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may progress and cause different diseases.

How to Smile Design?

We work in stages to make a correct smile design. First, we perform a general oral and dental examination of our patient. We identify decayed teeth, missing teeth and teeth that need to be rebuilt.

We are making new plans for the most suitable measurements for our patient’s face shape. We can apply filling procedures on decayed teeth. However, we apply prosthetic teeth by pulling out the teeth that are too decayed to be saved. Every procedure is done according to the consent of our patient.

The design process, which is planned down to the smallest details by our specialist physicians in our clinic, is done specifically for each patient. Although there is no defect in their teeth, we can apply lamination for our patients who want symmetrical teeth.

We apply the natural teeth whitening process for our patients whose tooth color tone is dark. Thanks to this design, which is important for both lip structure and teeth, you can have the teeth of your dreams.

Smile Design Treatment

Smile design, which is included in dental aesthetics, is among the most important situations by men and women. This treatment, which has become more popular recently, is among the treatments we offer in our clinic.

If you are complaining about your teeth looking bad and your caries, you can get treatment as soon as possible. All your damaged teeth and gums are treated in our clinic. We make the most beautiful designs with the plans we apply specifically to our patients.

During your treatment, our specialist physicians will take care of you more closely. Especially in our patients with implant treatment, all controls are made in detail until the end of 3 months.

All our patients are important to us. If you want to be treated by a friendly team, you are at the right address. You can feel very comfortable in the process before and after the treatment.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

If the problems that occur in the teeth and gums are not treated, it causes a worse appearance and health problems. Correction of all problematic situations is known as Smile design .

Since the treatments such as filling, root canal treatment, veneer, prosthesis and implant on the teeth are permanent, the design is also a permanent process. In particular, you can use veneers and prostheses for many years. You can consult our clinic if you want to have your lifelong laughter without hesitation.

We offer you the opportunity to show you the finished treatment before applying the treatments that are suitable for your teeth and lip structure. With our 3D x-rays and treatments, it is possible to have a design done in a single session.

A plan is drawn for all the problems in your teeth and applied in the most accurate way. You can make your choice with us. Before you decide, you can ask all the questions you are curious about and have information.

Smile Design Comments

Our patients who are not satisfied with their teeth and mouth structure apply to our clinic to achieve healthy smiles. After first examining our patients, we create a general plan. Smile design, on the other hand, is a treatment that we apply to our patients to make their teeth aesthetically and healthy.

Our patients who benefit from this treatment can clearly state in their comments whether they are satisfied with the procedure or not. Many of our patients state that they are satisfied with all treatments. You can read the comments of our patients when you cannot afford to be treated.

We offer you every treatment including smile design, from orthodontic treatment to periodic care, in our clinic. Thanks to the care and treatments we apply to our patients, they have the teeth of their dreams.

You can measure our satisfaction level through the comments made about our clinic. You can get the best quality service thanks to our friendly and expert physicians. In terms of price, you can have your treatment without exceeding your budget.

Smile Designers

Today, smile design, which comes to mind more often when aesthetic procedures are mentioned, is a procedure applied to people who have completed their jawbone development. The design process, which we do not prefer for children and the very old, can be applied to all patients with an unhealthy mouth.

Thanks to this service provided by our clinic, you can have healthy and symmetrical teeth in a short time. If you have acquaintances around you who have had a smile design done, you can get information by consulting.

You can visit our clinic to have more detailed information and to get to know our specialist physicians. You can get rid of all the problems with your teeth in a short time. You can easily laugh without having to hide your teeth in the crowd.

You can make the most of the design process we apply according to the problems in your teeth. For the best service, it will be enough to contact us. Our patients who have a smile design can also let us know if they are satisfied with the procedure.

Smile Design Prices 2022

Smile design , which is becoming more popular day by day , varies from patient to patient in terms of price. There are treatments available for every budget. All the processes we apply in our clinic include the design. In terms of price, we offer it in a way that every patient can benefit from.

For our patients who have more than one procedure, the prices are higher than normal. In smile design, more than one operation can be performed at the same time, as well as a single operation. Depending on this situation, prices may increase or decrease.

The prices we offer in our clinic for smile design are lower than the market. If you want to get a service that is both safe and budget-friendly, you can contact our clinic. You can take advantage of the service we offer at any time of the day for you.

Depending on the specialist doctor’s choice, prices may increase or decrease. You can consult our specialists to have the teeth of your dreams and the most natural smiles. You can contact us immediately to get information about rose design prices 2022 .