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Abdominal Aesthetics

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Tummy tingling (Abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure in which the existing over-fat and saggy skin in the middle and lower abdomen is taken and the abdominal wall is stretched and solidified. These surgeries don’t help weaken fat people. The ideal patient for these surgeries is patients who do not have excess weight, which is the excess skin left behind after losing weight and the loosened abdominal wall. Patients with too much adipose tissue under the skin have less satisfaction after surgery and higher rates of wound healing and complications. Therefore, reducing fat tissue by losing as much weight as possible before these surgeries increases the satisfaction of both the patient and the doctor. .


A flat abdomen is a precursor to having a beautiful physic. The advancing age range, over-top births, frequent weight gain and loss and fat in the abdomen are carried out in order to correct the deformities in patients with abdominal muscles and skin relaxation.


Shaping the abdominal wall, depending on existing lubrication, sagging and elasticity of the skin present; fat intake (liposuction – laser lipolysis) or tummy (abdominoplasty) methods can be performed. Abdominoplasty can also be performed in contamination of body contraindication (aesthetic breast surgeries, liposuction, etc.) or some other surgeries. In tummy tingling operations; Two main methods can be applied, such as full tummy tingling (full abdominoplasty) and mini tummy tingling (mini abdominoplasty). Mini Tummy Tingling: It can only be applied in cases where disfigurement is limited to the area under the belly or liposuction to areas above the belly button is sufficient. Full Tummy Tingling: It is applied in the advanced stages of sagging of the skin, where the disorder in the upper parts of the belly button cannot be corrected only by liposuction, the entire abdominal wall needs to be repaired. Excess fat is removed from the entire abdomen and waist area of the body, excess skin under the belly is removed and the loosened abdominal muscles are restructured.


Tummy tingling surgery is performed in the operating room environment and under general anesthesia. Before the operation Aspirin should be terminated 1 week – 10 days and smoking should be terminated 4 weeks. The duration of the surgery is determined by the procedures to be performed. If liposuction is not performed on a very large area, full tummy tingling surgery lasts between 3-4 hours.


The first few days may be swelling in the abdomen and pain that can be controlled with painkillers. Drains are taken after an average of 3-5 days and stitches after 2-3 weeks. You need to stay in the hospital for an average of 1-3 days. It may take you a few months to feel the same. You can return to work after 2-4 weeks. Your scar becomes final after the first 6 months. During this period, it is normal to have a redness and an overly pronounced scar, it can take 9 months to 1 year for the marks to flatten and fading. Although it is not completely destroyed, the trail can be easily hidden even under this bikini. Partial or complete abdominoplasty procedures create satisfactory results for patients with weakness in the abdominal muscles or skin sagging. In the majority of patients, the result obtained through regular exercise and diet can be maintained for years.