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Hair Transplant For Women

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As a result of the advancement of technology and hair transplant techniques, it is now possible to perform hair transplantation without shaving the hair of our women patients completely.

Hair loss occurs in women as a result of stress, hormone disorders, or keeping their hair covered for a long time. The hair transplantation process in our women patients proceeds the same as the normal hair transplantation process. The only difference is that we would like to have a detailed hormone test done before the operation process and see if the hair loss continues. The reason for this is to prepare a more accurate treatment plan.

Hair transplantation in women is in great demand today. Especially the realization of hair transplantation without shaving makes our female patients happier and they can get through the process more easily.

The DHI technique is used as a hair transplant technique in women. The place where the follicles will be taken is determined by opening a window between the two ears from the nape of the neck. Since the shaved part remains in between, the hair will not be visible, including the gathering. The roots are transplanted between the hair with the DHI technique, that is, Choi pens.

Due to the long hair in women, it is necessary to be very careful after the operation. The transplanted hair will be between long hair and there will be no washing for 2 days. The first wash is done slowly and carefully by our clinic. However, attention should be paid to long hair in 7-10 days of daily washing and the transplanted hair should not be removed during washing. The operation process and after is very important.

It is no longer impossible to densify your sparse hair and to have full hair. You can contact us to plan a special operation for you.