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Sapphire Fue Technique, which is the latest technology, is the most preferred hair transplant technique in today’s hair transplant operations.
Sapphire Fue Hair transplantation technique is the process of opening a channel with the help of a “Diamond” blade. In fact, it is almost the month with the Classic Fue Technique. The only difference is that the ‘Diamond’ tip is used instead of the classical ‘Silite’ technique in the grooving process. So what are the benefits of this ‘Diamond’ tip in hair transplantation?
No disadvantages have been observed in the operations performed so far in grooving using a diamond tip. Its advantages are as follows;
– During the operation, the rate of bleeding and incision is more minimal in the channels opened according to the graft thickness.
– There is absolutely no risk of redness or infection after the operation.
– It definitely does not damage the main hair. On the contrary, it helps nourish the main hair.
– There is no necrosis, ie, bruising and tissue loss during the operation.
– Less redness of the evil eye to the ‘ Silite ’ technique after the shedding process
– The healing process is halved according to the old technique. Recovery is observed within a minimum of 7-9 days and the scab is performed.

As you can see, Sapphire Fue Technique, which is the latest technology, is a very advantageous technique in hair transplantation and it is the most preferred option. As Clinic Royale, we keep up with the development and adopt the best technique for our patients and we apply the Sapphire Fue Technique without any price difference.
You can contact our health consultants to get more detailed information about the latest technology Sapphire Fue Technique and to get information about the price. You can be sure that we will make the best choice for you.