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Sedated Hair Transplant

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Hair transplantation is no longer impossible for our patients with needle phobia. With the Sedation Hair Transplantation method, we put our patients into 15-20 minutes of light sleep in the local anesthesia section and our patients do not remember the needle part. We guarantee zero pain.
It is possible to put our patients to sleep with sedation not only in hair transplantation but also in beard and mustache transplantation.
Do you have fears? Are you afraid that it hurts or do you faint when you see a needle? As there is a solution for everything, there is a solution for this in hair transplantation. With the sedation method, we continue to work with our expert staff and anesthesiologist while you are in deep sleep.
Although the operation process in sedation hair transplantation or beard-mustache-eyebrow transplantation proceeds the same, our only wish is to be hungry before coming to the operation. In the sedation method, which has no side effects, we want your stomach to be empty because you will receive sedation like before every anesthesia. We serve with our snack menu for you during your break after sedation.
No more needle phobia. Leave your fears aside, meet Sedation hair transplantation, which is a method in hair transplantation. We work solution-oriented with our completely optional option. You can contact us for detailed information and our procedure. Our health consultants will return to you as soon as possible.