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Eyebrow Lift Surgery

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Reasons To Do Eyebrow Lift Surgery

With the effect of aging and gravity, the pressure on the upper eyelid increases due to the sagging of the eyebrows and the tissues under the eyebrows and the decrease in your tissues including bones. The sagging of the eyebrows consists of the expressions of a hundred percent tired and sad face. Smoking, malnutrition,  stress, air pollution and lack of regular skin care and aging cause the eyebrows not to appear aesthetically . Diseases such as facial  paralysis and facial tumors can also cause sagging eyebrows.

Operation Methods

Eyebrow lift technique is applied with three different methods. These; rope hanging, open method and endoscopic applications. Endoscopic technique ; it is the most preferred current eyebrow lifting technique today reasons such as permanence and no scar.

Anaesthesia Time And Duration

It is performed under general anesthesia in hospital conditions. The operation takes approximately 1 -2 hours

Healing Process

Depending on the type of operation, the patient is discharged on the same day or the next day. Three may be swelling and swelling for 1 week. There is almost no possibility of bleeding in the endoscopic brow lift method. With the approval of your doctor, you can take a bath 2 days after discharge and return to work 3 days later.