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It is the classical Fue hair transplant, that is, the solution technique for baldness used today. The basis of hair transplantation, which is still under development, is based on the classical hair transplantation technique. So what is classical hair transplantation and how are its stages progress?
For classical hair transplantation, it is divided into Fut and Fue. Although it is the first, it is not used now because of its disadvantages. We can explain the stages of classical FUE Hair Transplantation in a simple step.
Extract; The Fue procedure as a medical language is to take the micromotor connection hair from the coded donor part one by one and collect them one by one in the same way.
Channel; It is the opening of the roots to be planted with “ silit ” suitable for the roots taken.
Implant; It is the individual placement of hair follicles belonging to the opened nests.
In the hair transplant operation, the patient is given local anesthesia and the patient does not feel pain during the operation process. The operation lasts for an average of 6-8 hours and the patient is discharged from the hospital after the routine controls are made after the operation. In other words, it will be sufficient to spend a maximum of 8 hours for the hair transplant operation.
When hair transplantation is done with microdevices, recovery is fast. Reference After 7-12 days, your hair will regain its old measurement. So what are the disadvantages and the classic Fue hair transplant technique?

– We produce a lifelong solution to your baldness with an average of 8 hours of operation.
– Local anesthesia is a process with zero pain.
– No tension or great pain after the operation as in the Fut technique.
– Maximum number of hair follicles taken.
In the classical Fue technique, “ silit ” is used as the old technique in channel opening. Since this technique is made of iron, the skin healing is extended with use.
– Nowadays, channels are opened with Sapphire blades. This device has a diamond tip and it cuts the skin without damaging it and accelerates healing.
In short, the Classic Fue technique has disadvantages as well as construction.