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Non-Surgical Face Lifting

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In order for your skin to look plump, strong, young, and healthy, it needs to regain the volume it lost. Specialists at the perform powerful anti-aging treatments using medical devices with the most advanced technologies offered by our polyclinic. Dermal Filler Face Lift Treatment provides volume to defined areas with the help of an aesthetic gel-based product to be injected into your skin and replaces the aged skin appearance with a young and plump look.

Wwe take care that the medical tools and filling material we use while performing the dermal filling procedure for your skin are of the maximum quality. The filling material, which is based on a substance found in all living organisms and containing sugar molecules, helps to strengthen the natural balance of your skin and gives vitality to the relevant area, and creates an increase in volume. In this way, it becomes easier to get a younger appearance.

Face Filler Injections: How Do They Work?

The Face Filler Injections we use can contain different types of fillers. We frequently use hyaluronic fillers that make it possible to fight wrinkles by increasing the moisture holding capacity of human skin. The fillers we use to create strong effects that provide permanence for about 6 to 12 months. The durability of the fillers varies depending on the person’s metabolism and skin structure.

We care about your health first in all procedures, including medical aesthetic procedures. In this context, we confidently say that the content in the filler we use is a naturally produced substance by the human body. This allows you to have no worries about the safety of the substance you will take on your skin.

The procedure is possible with the activation of Hyaluronic Acid, Calcium Hydroxyapatite Microspheres, or Poly-L Lactic Acid components applied to skin areas that have lost their volume, have fine wrinkles, and scars. The injection applied under the skin provides volume increase and strengthens the youthful appearance.

Who Is Face Contouring Treatment Suitable For?

Dermal filler treatment applied by the can be preferred by all adults who experience the following conditions. For a more detailed examination and treatment plan, you can make an appointment with your specialist.

  1. Those who find their lips thin and want to thicken them
  2. Those who want to get a younger look by raising the tissue under their eyebrows
  3. Those who want to remove lines and wrinkles in the face (especially around the lips and eyes)
  4. Those who want to fill the hollow areas formed due to various conditions in the lower part of the eye and cheek areas.

What Is Inside the Dermal Filler Treatment Injection?

Exactly what dermal filler treatment works will depend on what you request from your doctor. Because your doctor determines the components to be added in the injection according to the change you demand. Some content options are as follows:

  1. Hyaluronic acid: It is frequently used by our team and many clinics, and international success using this filling technology. The effects of these acids last between 9 months and a year and create volume by drawing fluid from the rest of the body to the area where it is applied. In this way, it also provides moistening of the relevant area.
  2. Fat graft: In this type of facial lifting, fat tissue is taken from another area of ​​the patient’s skin and injected into the donor area. The effect of the treatment is much longer and sometimes remains for years.
  3. Polymer: People looking for a long-lasting dermal filling operation may prefer polymer fillers that can be digested biologically into smaller pieces.
  4. Calcium hydroxyapatite: This filling method, which is preferred by individuals between the ages of 35 and 40, to remove fine wrinkles on the skin, maintains a younger appearance for about a year.
  5. Permanent soft tissue filling material (Artefill): Especially preferred by our patients who are uncomfortable with facial expression lines around the mouth, Artefill is preferred for their correction. This type of filling does not require renewal since it cannot be digested by the body over time. The effect of the filling can last for years.

Dermal Filler Face Lift Treatment in with High Hygiene Standards

We care about your health and believe that every medical procedure performed should be completed after high disinfection and sterilization. Our high hygiene policies have become stronger within the framework of COVID-19 measures. All areas and medical devices we use throughout the procedure are disinfected before and after each use. In addition, we host you in our medical treatment areas, which are disinfected many times every day. We do not neglect to protect your health while using the highest technology medical devices. This makes us different from others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dermal Filler Face Lifting

We have compiled the frequently asked questions and answers to help you better understand Dermal Filler Face Lifting, which will make your skin look younger. You can quickly review them and then make an appointment.

Is dermal filler good for my skin?

This medical procedure, performed with dermal filler technology, increases the fullness of the areas that have lost volume while making the contour of your face more prominent. Since most of the fillers consist of organic substances already produced on your skin, they have no harmful effects on your skin.

Do dermal filler treatment look natural?

Yes, this procedure, which does not require any surgical procedure on your skin and is completed with a simple injection, offers natural results. Therefore, you can easily continue your daily life immediately after the procedure.