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Zirconium veneer is frequently preferred among dental aesthetic applications today, and every patient can easily receive service. Zirconium coating, which is white in color and has light transmittance, allows patients to have natural and aesthetic teeth.

It is a method that our patients with metal allergy can prefer with peace of mind. Thanks to its resistance to heat, it is also very comfortable in terms of use. Thanks to zirconium coating prices, you can have your treatment without exceeding your budget.

How is Zirconium Coating Applied?

The zirconium coating process we apply for decaying or broken teeth is among the more popular procedures recently. The teeth to be processed are slightly straightened.

After the veneers are made to fit on the teeth, veneers that do not harm the teeth are placed. It is made to be specific to the patient’s mouth size. It is produced to be compatible with the patient’s tooth colors.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Coating?

Zirconium dental veneer has more advantages than other methods. This veneer method, which is closest to natural teeth, offers an aesthetic appearance.

There is no metal application in its structure. It is the type of veneer with the highest compatibility with the structure of natural teeth. After the veneer is applied, there is no gingival recession. Since it is a type of coating that can be applied at all ages, its use is wider.

Who is Zirconium Coating Suitable for?

Zirconium veneer is among the more popular processes of recent times. We practice more frequently for our patients with aesthetic anxiety. The veneer process that we can apply on decaying teeth, broken and crooked teeth is suitable for all age groups.

As Acıbadem dental clinic, you can benefit from the service we offer you in the best quality way. Thanks to our friendly dentists, you can happily have the teeth of your dreams.

Are Those Who Have Zirconium Coating Satisfied?

Zirconium dental veneer is a type of veneer with a high level of satisfaction today. Since it is the type of veneer that is most compatible with natural teeth, it is one of the most frequently recommended procedures by our dentists.

We enable our patients to have the aesthetic teeth of their dreams, thanks to the veneers produced according to their mouth sizes and tooth colors. Thanks to the prices and satisfaction of the zirconium coating, you can have the procedure done with peace of mind.

Is There Any Pain During Coating?

We do not apply any local anesthesia to our patients during the dental veneer process. The procedure is an easy and painless procedure.

However, since there will be pressure on the gums after the coating, slight mouth and tingling may occur. In this case, you can stop by taking the painkillers recommended by your doctor. It is normal to experience mild pain until the veneer gets used to your teeth.

How Long Does the Coating Process Take?

The coating process, which we frequently apply in dental aesthetics, is a very comfortable procedure. This procedure, which is usually performed in 3 sessions, can be performed in 2 sessions in some patients.

The veneer, which we apply according to the tooth size and mouth structure of our patient, is a process that ends without pain and pain. The more our patients adapt, the faster the coating process is. Depending on the number of teeth to be coated, lengthening and shortening may occur.

How Long Is the Coating Life?

There are many treatment methods we apply for decayed, broken and damaged teeth. The process of zirconium coating is one of the most preferred treatments among these treatments.

The life of my coatings can vary between 15-20 years. The more well-maintained and clean use our patients provide, the longer the life of the coatings will be.

Can Veneer Teeth Whiten?

There are many methods applied to whiten natural and healthy teeth. There are also methods that we apply professionally in our clinic. Teeth whitening applications only affect natural teeth. Yellowed or darkened coating is a method that does not affect the teeth.

For this reason, it is necessary to regularly care and clean the veneer teeth so that they do not turn yellow. If you are using veneer teeth, you should pay attention to your oral and dental care.

Which Coating Models Are Available Apart from Coating?

Dental veneers are the preferred method for an aesthetic smile and healthy teeth. Today, there are multiple coating models that we apply to our patients.

There are models such as porcelain tooth veneer, zirconium tooth veneer, metal-supported tooth veneer, empress tooth veneer. The most preferred and more natural looking veneer type is zirconium. The prices of zirconium coating are also more cost-effective than other methods.

What are the Coating Treatment Stages?

The dental veneer process proceeds in stages by our specialist physicians. First of all, our patient is examined to determine whether it is suitable for coating.

Mouth and tooth measurements are taken for the appropriate coating type. The coating process is done in 2-4 sessions on average. In order for the veneers to be placed on the teeth completely, the teeth are reduced. The patient must undergo examinations until it is fully placed in his mouth.

What are Coating Damages?

The dental coating we apply for our patients with decayed, broken and crooked teeth can have some damage. According to the use of the patient, the likelihood of these harms is higher.

Veneer teeth can cause pain when chewing and biting food. Coverings can cause falls if incorrectly placed. It is possible to see swelling and bruising, especially after the metal coating application.

When is it necessary to go to control after coating?

Dental veneer is one of the treatment methods we apply for an aesthetic smile and teeth that have lost their function. It is the most preferred type of coating because the coating prices are more affordable than other processes.

In this coating method, we state that our patients should be examined by our physicians until they get used to their coatings. After the coating process, regular controls should be made every 6 months.

Will its color change in the future?

Veneers, which have a smooth and white structure, are the type of veneer that is most compatible with natural teeth. Since it has a slippery structure, plaque accumulation does not appear on it.

However, if it is not regularly brushed and maintained, stains may occur over time. Zirconium veneer is a treatment method offered in a way that is suitable for every patient.

Can it be applied to those with gum disease?

Zirconium tooth coating is a process that can be easily applied to all age groups. It is a treatment method that we recommend to our patients in dental caries, fractures and distortions. However, it is not possible to apply veneer treatment in people with gum disease.

In such patients, we first perform gingival treatments. Then we apply the coating process. Thanks to zirconium crown prices, you can have the teeth of your dreams.

How is Zirconium Veneer attached to the tooth?

Zirconium veneer prices are offered to suit every patient. In this way, every patient who wants to be treated can easily have the procedure. In order for the veneers to be fully attached to the teeth, the teeth are reduced. Veneers are placed on the reduced teeth and bonding is performed.

Zirconium Veneer Teeth Prices 2022

The veneer prices, which we can easily apply in many dental problems, are generally quite affordable. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the number of teeth to be applied and the condition of the patient. All the coating processes that we apply for you in our clinic are applied within the scope of special campaigns for 2022.

If you are looking for a clinic with more affordable zirconium coating prices, you can contact us. You can contact us immediately to get information about zirconium veneer tooth prices 2022 .