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Unshaven Hair Transplant

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Nowadays, hair transplantation is at the top of the aesthetic operation preferred by men and women. Complete shaving is considered appropriate, especially in patients who will undergo hair transplantation operation. Shaving is considered appropriate in our patients with general rarity and in patients to be transplanted between 3000-5000 roots. So for whom is an unshaven hair transplant suitable? Can it be done to everyone?

It is especially applicable for patients with a small opening in the forehead area or a small sparse at the top. Our patients, whose hair is at least 4 cm long, shave in two strips for the area to be FUE on the nape of the neck. This shave will not be obvious as it will remain between the hair. The transplantation area will be performed without shaving and with long hair.

In the DHI Technique, it is possible to do it by entering the hair with the unshaven method. In the Sapphire technique, it is possible to enter the area that is not in between, but in the non-existent area. However, the common feature of both techniques is the shaving of the donor area to be taken.

With the Unshaved Hair Transplant Technique, the patient becomes happier after the operation. In camouflaging the transplanted hair with its own hair, the area where the implanted hair is taken is not visible between the hair.

You can send us photos of your hair to find out if you are suitable for the Unshaved Hair Transplant Technique. You will be able to return quickly with the most suitable operation planning for you.