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Prp Supported Hair Transplant

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PRP Treatment, which is made to renew, repair, and strengthen the scalp, is also used in hair transplantation and afterward. So what does PRP mean?
– It is to obtain rich plasma materials such as thrombocyte (platelet) with 10-20 ml blood taken from the patient by special centrifuge and micro-filtration method.

So what is PRP Supported Hair Transplant?

PRP Supported hair transplantation is a method for hair transplantation, not a hair transplant technique. It is an extra method used in the hair transplant technique chosen by our experts.

Your follicles taken from the nape area are kept in thrombocyte separated from the blood taken from you until they reach the transplantation stage, and PRP treatment is applied to further accelerate the recovery process after the operation.

When PRP Treatment, which is used to repair the scalp and strengthen the hair, is performed after the operation, it enables the process to progress faster and the scalp to heal faster.

You can contact us to get information from our clients about the hair transplant technique suitable for you and the PRP Supported Hair transplant operation.