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Leg Aesthetics

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For attractive and striking legs, another symbol of female hood, the goal in leg aesthetics is to have legs with suitable outlines from hips to ankles, no sagging and as flat an accent as possible. With leg aesthetics, adipose tissue can be removed from the areas in the leg area and added to the missing areas. Silicone prostheses or fillers can be used to shape the legs when the fat tissues are insufficient. Sagging is performed by removing the too much skin and hanging the loosened ligament tissue again in the appropriate position if the patient accepts the scars that will remain in the appropriate areas.


Any person who wants to have the ideal leg shape can have a leg aesthetic operation. Disproportionate fat is a problem that disrupts the body contours in the person’s physique and causes discomfort. Defects in the leg do not always consist of an increase in fat. Other important problems underlying leg distortions depend on leg bone or muscle structures. In these cases, camouflage interventions are carried out. Fat injection in contour lines that are concave or implanting silicone implants in places with excessive weakness are ideal solutions in these situations. Even though the leg conturation and silhouette are smooth, the over-clear thin veins just below the deep (spider-shaped or branched knotted) are among the superficial problems that disrupt leg aesthetics. Today, it is possible to solve capillary problems with methods such as laser and sclerotherapy.



There are many different treatment options for ideal leg aesthetics. Liposuction, laser lipolysis, lifting, subsizing, fat injection, laser and Botox applications are among them. The requirement of each region is separate and determines skin flexibility, operations and scope. Individual assessments are more important even if flexibility deteriorates after the age of 40. The harmony between the leg, thigh and knee area is taken into account during shaping. For the ideal leg contraindication, it may be required to take fat from some areas, giving some areas the opposite fat cell. Loosening of intra-tissue bands, sometimes mini lifts, muscle tissue boosting procedures and methods that correct the micro circulation of the skin should be used harmoniously. These form the contour aesthetic of the leg. The leg skin should not be smooth, soft, hairless and capillaries. These problems are solved by laser and the destruction of the upper dead layer, which we call microdermabrasion. The need for cracks in the tissue means that the quality of the tissue deteriorates even if the age is young. In cases where tissue quality is impaired, surgical procedures are required. These are mainly lifting processes that are hidden in the groin areas.



Leg aesthetic surgeries last between 1-4 hours according to their techniques. The operation that should be performed in the operating room, and it is performed under general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia or sedation.



Surgeries performed using silicone prosthesis can cause some pain and uncomfortable. Liposhaping (fat tissue shaping) operations may also have some pain. However, this pain is not severe enough to restrict the daily activity of patients.